Bahrain – The Pearl of the Arabian Gulf

Bahrain was known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf due to its thriving pearling industry. Today it is a thriving business center in the MENA region and offers its people a high quality of life.

Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands. Historically, the region thrived on culture and the pearl trade, which also invited the Portuguese invaders to conquer it in the 16th century. The discovery of oil off Bahrain’s coast changed the country’s economic topology. The country also experienced a change in its socio-cultural background to become a free-thinking state among the Gulf States, thus promoting education and cosmopolitanism.

rich past

Bahrain’s history dates back over 5000 years when Dilmun of the Bronze Civilization ruled the area. They lasted about two millennia. After that, Bahrain was constantly occupied by different rulers such as Sumerians, Babylonians, Portuguese, Greeks, Turks and Persians to name a few.

Bahrain is also famous and historically known as the “Land of Two Seas”. The reason for this was first made in the legend of Gilgamesh. This is probably due to the freshwater springs beneath the sea, which lead to the formation of two bodies of water with different densities.

During the 3rd or 4th century, Bahrain adopted Christianity, followed by Islam in the 7th century. Although Islam is the official religion of Bahrain, there is still a small percentage of indigenous Christians in the country, along with other non-Muslims.

Contemporary business environment

Oil discovered in 1932 had very small reserves in the country. As a result, it decided to diversify its economy, promoting international business ties and promoting free trade. Today, Bahrain is a thriving commercial center that offers a cost-effective business environment and a well-trained workforce. Business and professional services, financial services, information and communication technology, manufacturing and logistics are some of the key sectors in which Bahrain already has a track record. The other emerging sectors are pharmaceuticals, tourism, and education and training. Bahrain is known as one of the most technologically advanced and well-informed economies in the MENA region.

As evidenced by the many thriving industries, there is a heavy presence of visitors on business trips. This has required Bahrain to have a good range of budget, luxury and business class hotels. Some of the well-known names are Kempinski Hotel Bahrain City Centre, InterContinental Bahrain, Al Areen Palace and Spa, Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel And Spa and Golden Tulip Hotel Bahrain, which offer world-class hospitality services to a global audience.

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