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Alan Heywood writes a stimulating if at times improbable adventure novel in Amapola. What I mean by that is that the characters seem to be very lucky or just were in the right place at the right time. However, other scenes are a bit reminiscent of a James Bond film. I loved the humor Alan brought throughout the novel and admired the strong female characters. This book certainly has a strong bias towards the importance of friendships and a pro-Canada theme – which I loved.

George Magee, a retired Major, could never forget Sakai, a Costa Rican woman who easily stole his heart despite the many years they separated. He thought he was doing the right thing by leaving the young beauty, but the agony in his heart was not eased by time.

Now retired, he fills his days with an import-export business that forces him to return to Mexico regularly to take care of his customers. His emotional void is filled by his sister’s family – as he doesn’t have any of his own. Unfortunately, members of a drug cartel heartlessly murder his brother-in-law and young niece, and George is filled with seething anger.

When the Canadian government asks George to support their war on Mexican drugs by using his business as a cover, he seizes the opportunity to get revenge. Fueled by his anger and his hope of reconciling with Sakai, George is led on an exciting adventure inside and outside of the drug trade.

ISBN number: 1894942130

Author: Alan Heywood

Publisher: Zumaya Publications

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