AI decision-making software program to pit online job search profiles against current employees

AI decision-making software program to pit online job search profiles against current employees

In the future, there will likely be artificially intelligent decision-making computers plugged into the digital backbone of every large company, and they will run the company as if they were the CEO. In fact, these computer systems and business software would be linked to every business unit, sales office and branch. These systems could make the right and most prudent decisions in real time. HR managers could also be artificially intelligent robotic computer systems running on sophisticated software.

This would prevent recruiters from making mistakes in hiring and firing, and thus avoid lawsuits. The software would be programmed in such a way that it could not possibly ask an employee applicant any questions that could be considered discriminatory. The software systems could also fish online via Facebook, reading resumes and selecting the best candidates. In fact, software already exists that saves hiring managers a lot of the work by reading and searching keywords and resumes.

There was an interesting article that recently appeared in CFO Magazine Online News entitled; “Always Growing Means Always Recruiting – Technology tools are make it easy to keep a strong network of potential candidates,” by David McCann, published August 8, 2011. The article said something interesting;

“The technology-enabled rise of continuous recruitment; Finding candidates for positions that aren’t even open is suitable for high-growth companies worried about talent shortages and helps companies build a more robust pipeline of potential employees. The software also offers additional customer relationship management features that allow a company to re-engage its careers site visitors by soliciting recommendations on job openings that previous visitors themselves may not be interested in and optimizes the site for search engines to attract traffic build up.

Okay, that all makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Well, it seems to me that we need to use these artificially intelligent decision making software programs to pit all online job seekers and profiles against all current employees. If an employee has poor reviews, isn’t assertive, or is underperforming, they could be a target for termination. We can then throw them out on the street and screen all potential candidates for hire.

You may think this is very tough, and yes, I may be a tough entrepreneur, but I also believe in achievement and I am opposed to employment or any non-merit-related employment benefits. I believe in the best man or woman for the job or computer if that makes sense. This would keep everyone honest and discourage employees from playing on Facebook, Twitter or social media while working. Because there’s still someone who wants that job who wouldn’t cheat their employer by screwing around and wasting time while they’re on the clock.

In fact, if you have a software system that could solve these problems and help us employers weed out the bad actors or the employees who are underperforming, refusing to perform, or not really caring and just taking up space, shoot it Please email me as soon as possible. In the meantime, please consider all of this and think about it.

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