Advantages of E-Learning & How To Create An App For It

By | April 15, 2022

Education is no longer confined to the walls of schools and educational institutions. With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, it has now become possible to deliver learning experiences online and across the borders of schools and institutions.

eLearning is gradually conquering the apps market and the reason is the widespread education industry. There are literally no limits to the number of categories, learning fields, languages ​​or cultural characteristics. In addition, students or young learners also strive hard to be better than others. The idea of ​​eLearning apps is to help them compete in the hamster wheel by letting them read, learn, and absorb knowledge beyond their textbooks. However, it is not that easy and fast to develop an app. You must first decide who the audience will be. Children, young students and adults are the user groups that can benefit from an eLearning app. Second, you need to visualize the app’s idea or purpose of learning. This can include providing reading experiences (of course materials, books, etc.), video-based learning, online skills, mind-bending puzzles and question-solving, language learning, and much more.

If you’re considering entering the education industry with a targeted learning app, here’s a guide.

Decide what type of leaners you want to target

From the three defined user groups, decide who you want to help with your app. The type of app you want to develop depends on it. For example, if it’s aimed at kids, you should focus on solving puzzles, learning numbers and alphabets through games, or learning elementary subjects through fun interactions. On the other hand, the dedication of young scientists and adult students means that the app is presented with all online tutorials, practice kits, eBooks and study materials, online conference or discussion forms, or learning videos by teachers.

Consider the features of your eLearning app

Be sure to include the most interactive features to make your app fun and engage users.

  • Gamification: It avoids the learning experience becoming boring. Playing the learning process with rewards, badges or power points will make the experience enjoyable for the learners.

  • Cloud storage for the database: There should be a secure database in the form of cloud storage from which learners can quickly access all the information they need.

  • Virtual Classroom: Whatever category your app falls into, make sure it provides a virtual space for learners to come together and interact with each other. Also, the classroom must have writing tools, a whiteboard, video recording, and sharing capabilities.

  • User Account and Dashboard Functionality: Make sure your app allows students to have an independent user account where they can track their learning courses, completed tests, downloaded videos, etc. in one dashboard.

  • Other Features: Try to implement other interactive features like voice recognition, social media sharing, push notifications, and multilingual support.

Consider monetization approaches to monetize your app

After you are satisfied with your eLearning app idea, it’s time for you to decide how to monetize it. Effective monetization approaches that can yield some good returns include in-app purchases, freemium policies, paid subscription packages, and partnerships with schools and major educational institutions. Working with app marketers will further help you monetize your app and can even help optimize your app store submissions.

Hire a mobile app development company

To ensure the success of your eLearning app and make it really big as your contribution to the education industry, work with a competent, experienced mobile app development company. You certainly need a team with technological know-how in iOS and Android and experience in widely used app categories to get your app idea off the ground.

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