A Brief History of Nursing Education

When people think of the history of nursing education, many immediately think of Florence Nightingale. However, care goes back even further. In fact, a slave named James Derham was able to buy his freedom in the 18th century with the money he earned as a nurse. At that time, nobody knew that nursing training could be obtained in a different way than through a practical apprenticeship. But today there are many ways to learn and learn more about nursing. Good examples of this are online nursing education and nursing training.

But it took a long time for these grooming programs to develop. And they are descendants of the first grooming program, established in London in the 1850s. Japan’s first nursing institute was founded in 1885, and the first black nursing institute in the United States followed the next year. The field of nursing grew rapidly under the influence of people like Florence Nightingale and Claray Barton, who founded the Red Cross.

In the late 1800s, the idea of ​​visiting nursing was developed by Lillian Wald and she began teaching a home nursing class. The American Nurses Association held its first meeting and the topics discussed helped in nursing education. Nurses were nationally regulated by New Zealand in 1901, and then other countries around the world began to follow suit.

The first nursing education established in the United States based on the education rather than the needs of hospitals was at Yale University in 1923. The Yale School of Nursing had its own curriculum, and students had to meet the university’s educational standards to graduate. This really set the stage for the future of education, and since then universities across the country have developed their own nurturing programs. Then, in the 1950s, Columbia University became the first university to offer a master’s degree in nursing. This really changed the nursing environment and allowed nursing education and nurses to grow in their chosen profession.

Now, more than 80 years later, nursing education is available through colleges, through online courses, and even through continuing education in nursing. Men and women who want to become a nurse can do so around their schedule and take advantage of all study opportunities for this amazing profession. There are many options when it comes to online nursing education and aspiring nurses should really compare all programs to make sure they are studying at the best online university and learning as much as possible about nursing.

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