Is E learning Suitable for security education

Is E learning Suitable for security education

There are a number of reasons why e learning is suitable for security education.

First of all it is cost effective as with any type of e-learning. it’s fully auditable because of the learning management system and you can see who’s been trained who has not been trained and so on.

Secondly it can be used on an ongoing basis as a repository as a security knowledge base such that if I’m a user and I have a question or I don’t know how to report a security incident I can go back into my e learning and I can actually get the information that I need in addition, and you can make you learning for security quite fun so people will actually remember it and they’ll refer to it. They will actually recall some of the nice kind of fun exercises that they would have done.

They will actually know how to handle security or confidential data in a secure manner.

I think that the beauty of e learning is that it really allows users to become empowered and they become the greatest security tool for the company you