Why Is He Scared of A Long Distance Relationship?

Are you ready to embark on long-distance love and your husband has cold feet? This is a difficult situation, but I think my experience can give you the right advice to help your long-distance relationship thrive. There are some very basic questions to ask yourself if he’s afraid to enter the relationship. I think my advice below will not only help you identify the problem but also help you find a solution to it.

How well do you know yourself? My girlfriend and I have been together for 10 months and we couldn’t be happier. I think it has a lot to do with the amount of work we put into building the actual bond between us. It started with a lot of old-fashioned “getting to know each other”. We really went from A to B to C in a stereotypical relationship. How are you? Where did you go to college? Where do you come from? Simple things like this go a long way in learning about the person. Not only that, but they also spill over into other conversations and topics that will build even more connections between you. Maybe your man has gotten some cold feet from having reservations, because his heart isn’t convinced that he knows you well enough to commit. I think a good place to start if your husband isn’t interested is to ask if your foundations are well built.

Physical Connection Another thing to look for when your man is afraid to commit to a long-distance relationship is the strength of your physical connection, and more specifically, his needs. This can be difficult to “feel,” but men need a physical connection with their partner, and defining a long-distance relationship makes that difficult.

Try to find out his physical needs without asking directly. You can catch his signals by the amount of touching he’s doing while the two of you are together. Does he constantly hold your hand or twirl your hair? how many times does he kiss you How common are sexual interactions? I think you can get a pretty good idea of ​​his needs just by reading the clues he leaves, but if not then maybe it’s best to just come out and ask.

Be aware of the fact that it can be difficult to talk about this type of thing if you’re not used to it, so tread carefully. Start the conversation with small talk and then just come out with it. Say something like, “We both have physical needs and I just want to make sure you’re ready to talk about yours.” This will ease any awkwardness and hopefully he’ll be able to articulate what’s ahead from that point of view goes. If you don’t think it’s due to a lack of physical connection, or you two don’t know each other well enough, then let’s look at his other options for some more reasons he’s afraid to commit.

Third thing would be what are his other options? Think long and hard about this because he might not tell you the full story as to why he’s not interested in a long-distance relationship. My honest advice is that maybe he’s just saying he’s afraid to commit to an LDR when in reality all he has are other options. His other options might include other love interests or wanting to be single.

I think the latter is the hardest to recognise: wanting to be single. Basically, that would be him saying to you, “I’d rather go alone than get into a long-distance relationship.” However, it’s very difficult to tell when he cares about you, especially when he cares about your feelings being hurt. You must realize that the prospects of a long-distance relationship are pretty bleak, so the long-term gain must outweigh the difficulties inherent in an LDR.

He might also have another love interest in mind. This might be difficult to compete with, especially if that other person lives in the same area. If you suspect this is the case, you’d better bring it up. “Are you afraid to enter our relationship because there is someone closer to you?” is a good question. If you don’t ask and suspect that such a thing exists, you will regret it because you will always wonder what is going on. You’ll fuck yourself up checking Facebook every day to see if he’s in a relationship or if there are pictures of him with someone else. My advice is to just be honest with yourself and analyze your situation; He may have other options that he thinks are better routes.

Finally, the best piece of advice for long-distance relationships is to be really honest about how well you know each other when assessing where your relationship stands. He won’t commit to something where the odds are already against him if he doesn’t feel like he knows you that well. Consider his other options as well and weigh up the physical connection he will demand.

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