Who Is Dr. Anthony Sweeting?

dr Anthony Sweeting is not only the mentor and childhood friend of motivational speaker Les Brown, he is also an accomplished actor, director, producer and trainer.

dr Sweeting is the writer, star, director and producer of The Soul of Nat Turner, winner of the Donald Davis Playwright Award. His production company, Multi-Cultural Arts Enterprises, successfully toured the East and West Coasts with this piece. Additionally, his publications include The Dunbar Hotel and Central Avenue Renaissance, 1781-1950, a doctoral thesis highlighting the rich cultural and theatrical achievements of black Los Angeles in the first half of the 20th century. He co-wrote the book God I Listened: The Eula McClaney Story. Eula McClaney was a black multi-millionaire and philanthropist who gave millions to charities such as the NAACP’s Negro College Fund. dr Sweeting was an associate professor for many years. He is a frequent lecturer and has served at colleges and universities such as UCLA, Faulkner University and Alabama State University. He was an acting teacher at the Inner City Cultural Center in Los Angeles during his peak years alongside famous artists such as Beah Richards and Raymond St. Jacques.

For several years he appeared as a repertory performer in the Southern Writer’s Project of the Alabama Shakespearean Festival. Other awards and honors include Who is Who Among Colleges and Universities, being named Regent’s Scholar in California, winning the President’s Dissertation Year Award in Theater Arts, and receiving a Commendation from the Ohio House of Representatives for Outstanding Achievement in Performing and Directing.

dr Sweeting serves as a mentor and acting coach for students around the world, including the nationally renowned and award-winning Les Brown. He currently provides training and education for speakers with the Les Brown Speaker Network, which represents nearly 100 speakers around the world.

dr Sweeting was expertly groomed and trained for a career in theatrical arts during his formative years by the incomparable Mr. Leroy Washington, who served as a solid foundation for the remainder of his education. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech and Drama from Florida A&M University, a Masters in Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Doctorate in Theater Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles. dr Sweeting lives in Altanta.

Currently, Dr. Sweeting has conducted a series of workshops across the United States to provide individuals with the necessary tools for public speaking.

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