Treat a Slow Learner With Love

Learning is hard and can sometimes be harder for a slow learner. It is really painful for parents to see their children struggling with learning and still lagging behind. It is important to understand the needs and psyche of a slow learner. Difficulty understanding and struggling with a particular issue begins at an early age. It is a result of our mind. Science and societies in the earlier days didn’t have much of the realization that the human mind could flip or shift numbers and letters. However, this concept has gradually and widely been recognized as a major learning problem that plagues the majority of students.

Slow learners often face the wrath of teachers and classmates in schools. They become isolated and feel down and depressed because they are not what others are. Life gets tough once it’s taboo as slow, worst, or stupid. The feeling of inferiority awakens a nagging feeling from within and demotivates the student. Parents need to inspire them and treat them with immense love as they know they are sensitive. Keeping them motivated and positive all the time is the biggest challenge. Concentration and patience is the key solution to all these problems.

With online tutoring, the tutor personally takes care of the child. The approach differs significantly from face-to-face teaching. Students are assigned homework or lessons based on the student’s ability and study habits. The one-to-one classes and interactive study sessions actually help a slow learner get a better understanding of the subject. A professional online tutor has experience teaching slow learners. Regularly tracking the progress and performance of a slow learner allows a teacher to easily understand a student’s needs.

The question of the learner’s choice or preference during the lesson draws the child’s attention. Students cannot concentrate for long periods of time. Therefore, it is important to keep the child’s attention at all times. Tick ​​the homework and the lessons in small parts. A few fun activities, discussion of topics between study sessions will keep the learner’s energy up. Encourage the student to do some extracurricular activities such as painting or writing a skit. It takes time for the child to reach a comfort zone. It’s a gradual process, so don’t expect overnight miracles. However, online classes can speed up the process with regular classes. When a student feels they are well understood in a discipline, they are more likely to be engaged and have a sense of self-actualization.

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