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When it comes to your career goals, you don’t have to commit yourself. Top careers thrive in the computing industry from entry level to management. You know how fast technology is developing. Your previous personal computer was placed on your mobile phone only during your lifetime. Use your previous knowledge and skills to build a new career in the computer industry. If you work hard, improve your skills, and get the right certificates, degrees, and training, you are virtually guaranteed a job in the computer industry. And start now, because many computer industries will see new hires peak and begin to decline again in ten years. Grab a job while you can. Get started today by reading the following top five career paths that focus on a deep understanding of computers.

3D animator

3D animators usually work in games and movies, and you can too. They create three-dimensional renderings. Skills in acting, storyboarding, writing, anatomy and human body movement are some of the subjects studied on the path to becoming a 3D animator. While a degree certainly helps, a strong portfolio is most important to ensure a solid position in this space. 3D animators also work in web design, graphic design, and advertising, often on a freelance basis. The average annual salary is around $50,000. Get your online 3D animation degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, American Intercontinental University, or Westwood College.

JavaScript engineer

You would find that any computer science degree is useful, but one in JavaScript is particularly useful, mostly because not many people study JavaScript specifically. A JavaScript engineer creates applications for the web and clients. From spam-fighting software to social media improvements, as a JavaScript engineer, you should expect to do it all, following projects from start to finish, not only building applications but also managing their performance. XML, CSS, CGI, AJAX and HTML should be well understood. In the next ten years, the field of computer technology is expected to grow by almost forty percent, but then shrink again. Engineers should always try to diversify their skills for the eventual downsizing that will impact the industry. Online programs include Walden University and Devry University.

web manager

Maybe you already know from your own experience how to run your own website. But now you can do it professionally. As websites have become commonplace, including the realization by employers that they cannot just run a website themselves, the demand for website managers has increased. Her responsibilities include integrating new software and managing content databases. Often the job of traffic manager is combined with the position of web manager. The web manager monitors traffic and collects data that is used to increase and maintain traffic, as well as to identify traffic capture failures. Web managers also monitor bandwidth and user availability. Other requirements may include technical writing, document management, manual development, Family Online Safety updates, and more. Online programs include Virginia College, Capella University, Kaplan University, and Walden University.

network manager

As a network manager, you are responsible for building, designing, and operating a corporate network. Each situation is unique and requires a high level of skill from the network manager. They can work with one company or on a contract basis with a number of companies to improve networks after data has been collected and implemented according to user preferences. Network managers also install and maintain all software and hardware. Extensive knowledge of LANs and WANs is essential. Certain specific tasks for companies may be required, e.g. B. creating a remote monitoring system, monitoring anti-spam efforts or installing new firewalls.

graphic designer

Tired of being undervalued at work? Graphic designers are in constant demand top careers because they create almost any type of visual artwork, from magazine covers to advertisements, packaging and logo design, websites and more. A bachelor’s degree is usually required to become a professional graphic designer, although many designers are freelancers based on their portfolio alone. Graphic designers usually work with advertising and marketing agencies. Working hours often change to meet deadlines, and sometimes your work has to go through many rejections before it’s accepted, a huge source of frustration for all graphic designers. Not only do you need to be proficient with computer design programs, but you also need to know how to meet customer expectations within a tightly defined time frame. Online programs include the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, American Intercontinental University and Westwood College.

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