Tips For Awesome eLearning Quizzes Using Articulate Quizmaker

I really like Articulate’s Quizmaker ’09. It allows me to do some pretty powerful stuff quickly. Here is a list of how to make your quizzes great in Quizmaker.

group questions

There are times when you need to group questions to ensure they flow in a specific order. (Especially if you want to randomize the order of some and not others.) I’ve also found this helpful when I want to present a scenario and have specific questions afterwards.

Here are the steps:

1. Create your questions

2. Click on Question Group

3. Drag the questions into this group

Randomizing order of questions

Often you want to randomize the order of the questions. In Quizmaker you add randomization to groups of questions. So you could have 10 questions randomized and then keep the next 10 in order. When grouping questions (steps above), think about which ones could be randomized.


  1. Choose a group of questions
  2. Click Randomize Group

Use of a question pool

Sometimes you create a pool of 50 questions, but only want to be presented with 30 at random.


  1. Select the question group
  2. Click Randomize Group
  3. Click the Include dropdown menu
  4. Select the number of questions you want to include

shuffle answers

Do you not only want to randomize the order of the questions, but also the possible answers?


  1. Open Quiz Properties
  2. Choose standard questions
  3. Check the shuffle answers

Branch of users who passed or failed

I often want to send participants who pass the test a congratulatory page. However, I would like to send the participants who fail to a review page.


  1. Insert Quiz into PowerPoint (Created with Articulate Presenter)
  2. The Quiz and Interactions window appears
  3. In the Quiz Properties area, where a user goes when they pass or fail

Add flash videos

There may be times when you want the user to watch an animation or video vignette before answering a question. You could include a flash movie on the question page.


  1. Open the question you are editing
  2. Click Media/Flash Movie
  3. Browse for your Flash file

Submit all questions at once

There are two ways to let a user submit questions: all at once or one at a time. When a user submits one question after another, it’s nice because they know immediately if they answered them correctly. However, it also takes longer to submit each question individually.


  1. Click Player Templates
  2. Choose the Send all at once template (or you can create your own template… go to the next step)
  3. Click New and give your template a name
  4. On the Navigation tab, select Send All at Once

Using a timeline

You may want the content to step through the slide. Maybe you’re building on the question. (an animation build)


  1. Open the question you are editing
  2. Click Slide View
  3. Open the timeline at the bottom of the window
  4. Move your text boxes/images to different time stamps on the timeline
  5. Grab and move the red playbar left and right to see the content appear/disappear

I hope these tips help. Are there still things you would like to see?

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Thanks to Andrew Scivally

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