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Education is vital for young enemies, especially those who aspire to be tomorrow’s leaders.

That’s why it’s important to check before you jump. In other words, those seeking admission in countries outside their home country should check the universities or colleges they are most interested in before applying. I will suggest one continent/country of my experience that is best recommended for school while reading the following article. I just want to help my readers not to be a victim, “BE FOREWARNED IS PREVENTED”.

In most countries, the certificate is the only authentic proof that a person went to school and graduated. However, it is discouraging to note that some universities in some countries may take up to three or four years before the certificates of their graduates could be ready for collection.

This scenario is made worse when such a delay affects some workers who cannot readily provide their certification as proof to their employers who have granted them paid or unpaid educational leave.

Tertiary institutions, particularly universities, have no moral justification for the delay in issuing graduate certificates. Some students who are scholarship recipients from some organizations or individuals often lose these achievements as failure to submit their results for evaluation could jeopardize further funding. These create pathways to go from wayward students to overzealous and shy faculty members. If this situation persists, college ratings and education levels will decline accordingly.

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