The Pros And Cons Of Being A Nurse Anesthetist

An anesthesiologist is trained in anesthesia to be able to administer anesthesia. In hospitals and surgery centers, the nurse works under the supervision of a board-certified anesthetist. Like any other career path, there are pros and cons of being a nurse anesthetist. It would be a good idea to weigh them up when deciding if it’s the right career path for you.

The pros of being a nurse anesthetist 

The pay is attractive. Anesthesiologists are highly paid and it is indeed the earning potential that attracts many to the profession. You can be sure of a decent life in this job description.

It offers you the opportunity to help people in need. Contrary to what many people think, nurses are not only there for anesthesia, but also for pain therapy. They look after patients before an operation, during the operation and after the surgical procedure. Therefore, they offer great help to the patients and make them important people in all kinds of operations. You’ll love the feeling of having saved a life through a successful procedure you helped create as an anesthetist-nurse.

The job creates a professional reputation. This is a title that commands professional respect considering you will end up working with doctors, surgeons and other nurses who rely on each other or who successfully care for the patients. As an anesthesiologist you will be given more responsibility and autonomy, and surgeons and doctors will also rely on your advice and expertise.

You get the freedom to control patient care. This is a fast-moving field and decisions are made based on experience and education. In most cases, you manage to make decisions without involving others to ensure patient health and safety.

The disadvantages (cons) of being a nurse anesthetist

The position comes with great responsibility on your part. As a nursing anesthetist, you must be prepared to deal with difficult situations, some of which could result in you being sued by patients or their family members. It actually helps to be insured to be on the safe side in an emergency.

You could end up working late. Surgical procedures can be quite lengthy, and as an anesthetist, you need to be present throughout your patient’s examination. Some may take longer than expected and after they are finished you still have to care for the patient until recovery. When you are a sole anesthetist in a healthcare facility, you sometimes have to be prepared to attend more than one surgery in a day.

It can get boring. This is because you do not play an active role during the surgical procedure, but you must be present to monitor the patient’s response to the anesthesia. You may have to endure boring long operations

The field is very competitive and you would need to impress your employer to get hired for the job. Getting into nurse anesthetist programs is difficult, but many struggle to graduate and you need to be well placed to beat the competition.

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