The Next Evolution of E-Commerce-Smart TV

The rapid development of mobile technologies has enriched the notion of e-commerce, expanding the shopping location and revenue streams for merchants. Consumers can now shop and pay not only in a store, but also at home, at work, on the bus and on the go. In this way, smartphones and m-commerce have blurred the boundaries between the online and offline worlds.

Time has become an extremely valuable commodity and largely determines the selection of products, services and retailers. Convenience is another important factor for consumers. Experts say TV commerce (or t-commerce) is an area for the new smarter shopping and a way for merchants to engage with consumers in new ways.

Connected TVs or Smart TVs that have features like internet connection and streaming are becoming the standard among TV brands. According to some industry sources, the penetration rate of connected TVs was 20% in 2010 and will increase to 50% in 2013. In addition, platforms such as Google TV, Apple TV and Roku for viewing video-on-demand (VOD) are becoming increasingly popular. Television is therefore entering a whole new era that offers more opportunities for advertising, marketing, revenue generation and audience participation. What are the main characteristics of T-Commerce?

  • make purchases. T-commerce solutions enable television viewers to respond directly to offers displayed on their television screens and buy products instantly using their existing remote controls and set-top boxes.
  • information request. T-commerce apps allow TV viewers to request more information about a product, service, or event directly from the content they’re watching on TV with a few clicks of their remote control.
  • voting and voting. T-commerce solutions provide additional ways for viewers to interact with programs, advertisers and networks. So viewers can vote on their favorite shows, shows, news reports, game shows, sporting events, etc.
  • The instant reaction. The instant feedback from the viewer means an instant reaction for the trader. Companies gain valuable customer data for further research and targeted marketing.

The t-commerce paradigm has the potential to turn TVs into a powerful business tool, allowing retailers to conduct business over TV. T-commerce makes it possible to reach new and existing customers via increasingly popular internet-enabled televisions and set-top boxes. The entire purchase can be done with nothing more than a series of clicks on the remote control. Consumers typically respond very positively to companies that take the time to understand their needs and provide excellent customer service.

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