The Benefits of Using Calling Cards For Long Distance and International Calls

Whether you’re a student going to school far from home, a soldier stationed abroad, or simply live in a different area code than most of your friends or family (like many of us do these days), you need to make long-distance calls or occasional international calls (or fairly frequently, depending on the situation). Regardless of why you’re calling or where you’re calling, you probably already know that long distance calls can be quite expensive – but not with a calling card or prepaid calling card!

Phone cards are a prepaid method of making long distance calls (domestic or international). With calling cards, there are no monthly bills, no itemized bills, and no hassles, and using a calling card can save you a significant amount of money on your long distance bills. Calling cards are often much cheaper than long distance carriers and almost always cheaper than using your local phone company or making group or operator calls.

There are many other benefits to using prepaid phone cards. Read on for more information on the benefits of using calling cards for domestic or international calls.

You can budget for your long distance charges.

With a prepaid phone card, there are no monthly bills and no detailed bills. You simply pay for the required talk time in advance and reduce the prepaid credit when making calls. Prepaid phone cards are a great way for parents to ensure their children who are students have the ability to call them while they are at school without giving them cash to spend on other things.

Phone cards can be used from any phone.

Most phone cards work from any phone, including landlines, cell phones, office phones, dormitories, pay phones, etc. This means that with a prepaid phone card, you never have to pay extravagant international calling rates to your wireless service provider. You also don’t have to pay high hotel rates for domestic and international calls. Anywhere you go, a prepaid calling card can save you money on your long distance calls.

Phone cards are easier than ever to use.

Phone cards have come in leaps and bounds since they were first used years ago. With rechargeable phone cards, you can add minutes to your old PIN number without having to buy a new phone card. That means you can use the same calling card PIN over and over again, rather than learning a new PIN each time you need to buy more minutes.

Some calling cards also offer PIN-less dialing. With PIN-less dialing, you can register your home, cell, work, or any other US phone number that you use to make calls with the calling card. Once you have registered your phone numbers, the calling card provider will automatically recognize you without having to enter your PIN number. It makes long distance calls fast and convenient!

Another feature that some calling cards now offer is speed dialing. Speed ​​dial allows you to store frequently dialed numbers, including country codes or area codes, which are automatically dialed when you enter the speed dial followed by the # character.

Stay connected with your loved ones.

With all the great benefits of calling cards and their incredible ease of use, there is no excuse for avoiding contact with distant friends and family. Check out all the great prepaid calling cards and international calling cards today and get ready to dial!

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