The Advantages of Online Degree Programs

Today, more than 75% of American colleges and universities offer their students online degree programs that are on par with their traditional on-campus counterparts. Not surprisingly, these programs appeal to those whose work schedule and other responsibilities prevent them from earning a degree through other means.

Here are some of the benefits online students enjoy:

They can earn their degree at an affordable pace as they can pay per course. Housing is not an issue and all the reading material needed is available on the internet, making studying online cheaper. It also eliminates the time and expense of commuting to and from class.

Whether raising a family or having a full-time job, students can complete their courses at a pace that is comfortable for them because it complements their unique lifestyle. This means they can attend classes anytime, anywhere.

With course material always available, students can read and re-read lectures, explanations, commentary and classroom discussions, providing valuable reinforcement of the subject matter associated with the course.

As students engage in class, research, and communicate via the Internet, they also develop technological skills that are essential in the global 21st century workforce.

In an online course, student attendance is not visible until they engage in a classroom discussion. This encourages their interaction and acceptance of different opinions, and everyone has a unique opportunity for self-expression.

The chat rooms that online schools offer are a means for students to have informal conversations and network with one another. Along with newsgroups, they enhance team learning to conduct meetings and collaborate on projects.

Students also find their faculty to be responsive because they can communicate with faculty online, rather than relying on set office hours that may interfere with their daily schedule.

Because there are no geographical barriers to the internet, an online student has access to a wide variety of content that can be found in the school library. For example, they can search for e-books, articles and texts on their home computer without having to worry that the book they want is not available because someone else has borrowed it.


Contrary to various myths that have existed for many years, those who enroll in an accredited online course and start a course are also eligible for a scholarship, provided they meet the requirements. With a little research, you might be able to find one that’s right for you, and some scholarships might even be for those taking distance learning courses.

In many cases, students who work full-time while earning college credits can prepay their tuition and avoid racking up debt and paying off loans long after they graduate.

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