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A child may excel at school or be brilliant at sports. But acquiring creativity is the most difficult and depends on many things. We value creativity in music, technology, art, entertainment, etc. Creativity is desired because it enhances any presentation and makes it easier for us to understand.

Creativity depends on a person’s imagination. The more the person imagines, the more creativity will flow out of their head. It trains every brain cell and makes them active. History has proven how imagining creative things has led to the greatest innovations of the future.

creativity in school

Most public schools in our country run like a machine factory that, at the end of the day, turns out students with a graduation stamp on their score. If this mechanical learning process of public schools is not aligned with global schools, it will hinder the student’s present and future.

There is always room for a little creativity at the edge of the classroom. But most classes work within the historical processes of a teacher teaching the books assigned to students according to the curriculum and do not go beyond. This is nobody’s fault as this was a decades long process. To make learning more interactive and interesting today, teachers can design their curriculum to allow students to express their creativity in front of their peers.

Here are four things that will help teachers create a creative curriculum for their students in their classrooms:

  • Setting up activities according to students’ academic curriculum will engage students to explore their creativity in relevant ways.

  • After a student has found their creative answers, discourage them by saying something wrong isn’t right. All students want to be rewarded with compliments for their hard work.

  • Aside from academics, schools should also focus on teaching extracurricular activities. This will bring out the creative talents of many other students who may not excel academically but are brilliant in their field research.

  • All barriers to creativity should be removed, giving students space and freedom to let their creative juices flow as they please.

At first, this new learning method will confuse the students, but over time they will become comfortable with this framework and enjoy the lessons more than ever.

Imagination and creativity are the qualities that influence the future. Both inspire students to integrate into the learning process and their areas of interest. After all, the main motive of all educators should be to teach students to think and always think in the right direction in any situation.

In today’s world, creativity is valued very highly and tops the list of most valued skills. In developing a student’s creative abilities, the role of parents is just as important as that of a teacher, as they are the ones children look up to most and from whom they gain confidence.

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