Shri Ram Global School: Building Future With Holistic Approach

Schools are the hands that shape a child’s life. It is the place where children learn their first pedagogical lesson and life principles. A proper school environment helps develop a child’s moral values ​​alongside their career.

Shri Ram Global School always puts its students and their well-being first and provides all the facilities that contribute to their growth and development. The school is built on 25 acres with an eco-friendly campus large enough for children to explore on their own. They pay special attention to the formative years so that the children are formed into good people. The sprawling campus has all the facilities to ensure every student can reach their full potential.

What makes the school special?

The school works according to the philosophy of creative, activity-based learning and not memorization. This only makes Shri Ram Global School a good choice.

Some more reasons to choose Shri Ram Global School:

  • Special treatment: In this school, the emphasis is on producing successful minds and good citizens who are the future of society. The teachers and faculty mold these young minds so that whatever path they end up choosing, they will be successful.
  • learning process: Shri Ram Global School does not limit teachers and students to their assigned books. The entire teaching-learning process is activity and concept based. Students and teachers do not need to have books with them to learn subjects as it is done through interactive sessions.
  • Holistic growth: The students not only learn their subjects, but can also recognize their interests and talents. The school offers facilities that enable students to experience holistic growth. This is done by introducing them to various clubs and competitions.
  • Sports: Aside from the education, students are also exposed to trying different sports to develop their inner athletes. The school has enough space to hold inter-school games and has experienced and renowned coaches to guide these young players.


With the right infrastructure and equipment, nothing stands in the way of the development and growth of these young minds who will shape the society of the future. And Shri Ram Global School is aware of this and therefore provides all possible facilities to the students.

  • Educational Laboratories

The school has all of the science laboratories and offers a library that offers additional help for students to learn new concepts. They also have an audiovisual room for all of these interactive sessions.

  • Outside the curriculum

The school has music, dance and drama studios where students can develop their performance skills. There are also arts and crafts rooms where these artistic skills can be honed.

  • sports academy

The school has clubs and courts for all outdoor and indoor games.

  • care facility

The school also offers crèche and day care facilities for young children. There is also a canteen and a medical cell.


When students learn something interactively, they absorb it faster and Shri Ram Global School uses this approach for each grade level. They also have 24 students in each class, which allows teachers to give each student personal attention. Well, this is a rare feature not found in schools today.

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