Red artificial Christmas tree – unlikely color for a festive mood

Have you ever been out shopping for artificial Christmas trees and stumbled upon the red ones? Did you take the time to stare at her before moving on?

Red artificial Christmas trees are odd in a number of ways. In fact, the traditional use of the color red at Christmas is odd for a number of reasons.

First of all, red is commonly used to issue a warning or to indicate extreme importance that requires attention. Quite often STOP signs are placed on roads where accidents happen. Traffic lights use red for STOP (and green for GO). It is very dangerous, not to mention illegal, to run a red light unless you are a police car or an ambulance in an emergency. In many workplaces or construction sites, red is used for a laundry list of things that mark safety, such as: B. Fire fighting equipments, cans or containers of flammable liquids, danger signs and tags, emergency stop (e.g. button) for large machines, lights for barricades and obstacles, etc.

Second, the color red is also used in fashion and design for sex appeal. Red lipsticks never seem to go out of style because women who wear them look daring, bold and sexy. Valentine’s Day, a time of romance, is wrapped in the color red. Some studies have established a possible link between wearing red, such as a shirt, tie, lipstick, etc., and being approved of by the opposite sex. In fact, there are many love gurus out there who advise women to wear red if they want to attract men.

But is Christmas a time of danger and/or sex appeal?

Christmas is a festive time of year for many. Then we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This is how we gather with family. And we’re spreading love in our local community and around the world.

Why is red a Christmas color?

Red as a Christmas color has many myths. For Santa Claus (and for many children, Christmas is about Santa Claus) he is in red mainly as a commercial trick. He is the color red, just like liquorice candies and soda cans are red. The color red simply attracts attention, though not always in a dangerous or sexual way.

But when Santa Claus was created, red was already a color for Christmas. Christmas circles back to the birth of Christ. And Christians around the world celebrate his birth, not forgetting that he suffered for us. Red in Christmas symbolizes the blood and wound inflicted by Jesus Christ for our salvation.

Why a red artificial Christmas tree?

We’ve found that red is an all-purpose eye-catcher. It’s an appropriate color. With a red artificial Christmas tree you can make several statements at the same time. “Bold and offbeat”, “Sex and romance for the holidays” and “Let’s celebrate the life of Christ” are just a few of the messages you can convey with a red artificial Christmas tree. It works well every year.

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