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It is important to understand the basics of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). The fundamentals of FMA are the groundstrokes, stances, footwork, sinawalis and rolls. You will also need basic equipment like 1 pair of rubber/training escrima sticks and a pair of hard escrima sticks and a training knife to get started.

Wmpyr is a great YouTube channel to learn from if you do a YouTube search for “wmpyr”. He has literally hundreds of videos covering both the basic and advanced aspects of the Filipino Martial Arts. Whatever video you watch, it is appropriate for people of different skill levels and experiences with FMA. Wmpyr teaches the basic strokes, twirling and use of Escrima sticks, as well as many other concepts.

He also applies FMA concepts to other weapons such as knives, larger sticks, improvised weapons, and other weapons not typically used in FMA. He also has a number of other art-related videos that are not related to the FMA. In addition to FMA, Wmpyr is also trained in other martial arts such as mixed martial arts and also integrates these martial arts into his videos.

While Wmpyr has many solo exercise videos on his YouTube, Bayani is Warrior or Guru Mike Pana who has many partner exercises and live training exercises. He also has a website at

What sets him apart from other FMA teachers on YouTube is that he teaches some concepts that are not always taught in FMA. He also teaches Suntukan (Filipino boxing), staff (Tungkod) who are not always taught in FMA.

For those with more free time and money, he can help set up training groups and often gives seminars and clinics around the world. He is also trained in Jeet Kune Do under guruo John Ferguson.

Another YouTube user who has a few videos online that helped me understand the Sinawali of heaven and earth is “Me Bodybuilding”. He has some videos about Sinawali of heaven and earth 6 which is important Sinawali for FMA. He demonstrates the Sinawali of Heaven and Earth on a punching bag, which is very helpful in visualizing and doing the Sinawali yourself. Heaven and Earth Sinawali is Sinawali with many variations and from Heaven and Earth 6 you can flow into many different Sinawali and strikes.

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