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The online MBA has become very popular in the country and in a very short space of time. Karnataka State Open University recently introduced this concept in the country for its MBA distance learning scholarship holders. The university was established by an act of the government and the university courses are recognized throughout the country. Online distance learning MBA is one of the most popular courses in India.

The Masters in Business Administration has become a coveted degree. Any student who aspires to do something meaningful in life in the fields of business, finance, marketing or human resource management aspires to an Executive MBA degree.

This degree will look good on his or her resume and qualify him for placement in the top companies in the country. Companies also prefer MBA graduates because they have special knowledge in the management of the respective field. This shortens the training period for newly hired employees sufficiently if they have successfully completed an MBA degree at a recognized university or business school.

To stay ahead of the competition, students ensure they complete their Executive MBA and when unable to pursue a proper full-time degree they usually opt for distance learning courses from such prestigious universities as Punjab Technical University, Maharishi Dayanand University and Karnataka State Open University. These universities offer cutting-edge distance learning MBA programs that equip students with the same level of expertise and knowledge as a regular full-time MBA institution.

Here, special mention is given to MBA online distance learning and online exam patterns, followed by Karnataka State Open University. As mentioned, KSOU is the only university in the country that offers students the opportunity to pursue MBA online distance learning and follows the online exam pattern, which is much better than the traditional system of conducting exams.

As part of the online exam system, students are issued exam room tickets and student IDs. The exams are conducted at designated centers in various cities across the country. The student is given the opportunity to select the city in which they wish to appear for their exam. The information is printed accordingly on the examination room ticket. This ticket will be presented to the proctor at the exam center. The process of taking the online MBA exam is very smooth and students can get their exam results within 15 days from the date of the last exam.

Well, this is something that makes the traditional system of conducting exams almost obsolete because it takes a lot of time. The traditional university takes time to administer the exam and also takes time to evaluate student results. Another great advantage of the online MBA exam is that you can show up for an exam whenever a person wants and not have to worry about who will react and how back home.

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