How to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

It is difficult to be faithful when two people are so far apart that maintaining communication becomes increasingly difficult the longer the relationship lasts that often creates insecurities because a person cannot be close to see what the other is doing etc. But the truth is, long distance relationships can work just like other relationships. The truth is that dating is difficult and requires commitment from both sides. Below are tips on how to strengthen your bond with your significant other.

Avoid communicating too much

In general, standards of what is considered too much communication vary from couple to couple. There are two extremities: the couple who communicate too much and the couple who don’t communicate enough. You don’t have to compensate for the distance by strangling each other with possessiveness. There are couples who go three days without a word and stay married for thirty years, and there are couples who talk every hour and separate after two months. Essentially, it’s best to just go with the flow and do what’s normal for your relationship.

Avoid bad or serious situations

Avoiding bad situations means being aware of what might upset your partner. Since he or she is not around, dating someone from your past or going out drinking with your friends while fully aware that it will bother your partner is more stressful on a relationship.

In dangerous situations, you have two options: either you don’t go at all, or you tell your friend where you’re going beforehand so you have time to calm him or her down.

Just think about your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, etc. before making any specific decisions.

To do something together

A lot of things can mean that. In our technology-dependent society, you might want to consider playing online video games or watching YouTube videos together. Otherwise you can read books, Skype, films etc. over the distance. Even if you live apart, that doesn’t mean you can’t share bonding experiences.

Visit each other

Your relationship must be a two-way street. Obviously you can’t go for the rest of your life without seeing each other, so visits will be necessary. Plus, you’ll have even more fun when you meet again. However, if one of you is the only one making an effort, that person will annoy the other more and more.

Be honest

It can be easy to either lie or omit the truth from your significant other when you’re far apart; After all, he or she cannot be there to prove you wrong. But no good relationship can be built on lies; Therefore, the best thing you can do for your relationship is to be honest with each other.


In order for your relationship to really work, there are a variety of things you need to do. This applies regardless of whether you are separated from your partner or not; However, this post focuses on those who live separately. Tips to make your relationship work include the following: honesty, communication (but not too much, mutual visits, etc.

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