Fast Track Your Degree and MBA Via Skills Recognition and RPL

Have you ever thought about doing a bachelor’s or even an MBA?

What’s stopping you? Is it the costs associated with higher education? Is it the years of commitment that is holding you back? Or just the concept of going back to school is just too overwhelming!

Today those worries are part of history! Thanks to the innovative – yet logical – concept of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning).

So what is RPL – also known as Skills Recognition?

By definition, recognition of prior learning describes a process used by colleges and universities around the world to assess learning acquired outside of the classroom for the purpose of assigning academic credit. -Wikipedia

The idea focuses on the skills acquired in the working world and not on the sometimes only supplementary academic knowledge. The individual should be rewarded with recognition that validates his/her skills in the workplace and his/her worthiness to hold such a qualification.

This concept was reinforced by the Australian Department of Education in the 1970s as a way of enriching the education system. As part of the RPL process, candidates must demonstrate that they have acquired sufficient skills and knowledge throughout their work and life experience to exempt the individual from studying a unit or even an entire qualification and earning a recognized certificate or degree.

Over time, RPL has proven to be attractive to professionals who have accumulated countless years of practical experience and therefore wish to have their skills recognized.

You may think it’s too good to be true. Not only is it true, but it gets even better!

Upon completion of the RPL and earning the degree, the individual may use this qualification to obtain credit waivers from a postgraduate program, thus quickly pursuing their final degree.

Let’s take the example of an applicant who worked extensively in the commercial field and completed an Advanced Diploma of Management via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Most universities grant exemptions for a number of units in their degrees or MBA programs based on skill level and units completed. Therefore, an Advanced Diploma of Management will bring the applicant a bachelor’s degree in management over a year, which is equivalent to ten units. These exceptions would not only save money, but also time and the associated stress. This is now a bargain!

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