Diploma Courses That One Can Pursue After BDS (Dental Degree)

A common question that has arisen among students studying dentistry is, “What should I pursue after BDS that is just a dental degree?” This question unites all concerned students and the end product that comes out of this question is “confusion”.

The students face problems because “BDS as a course does not help them get into MNC internships”. A simple BDS degree does not allow a student to gain the necessary clinical exposure.

But those who did not get a place in the MDS for several reasons need not worry, they can opt for diplomas and dental courses. There are two types of diploma courses according to BDS, i.e. private and state diplomas. The basic differences between government and private diplomas are affordability (government diplomas are cheap) and accreditation by the Dental Council of India (DCI) (only government diplomas have them).

Here are some diplomas and courses that a BDS graduate can apply for:

Private diploma courses

There are far too many private diploma courses. In fact, many experienced dentists run private diploma courses with large profit margins. The course fee varies depending on the course. Those looking for clinical experience should go for it.

State diploma courses

DCI has authorized many state dental boards to conduct accredited dental diploma courses in lasers, endodontics and orthodontics.

In Delhi, IGNOU offers a Postgraduate Certificate in Oral Implantology (PGCOI) which has a course duration of 1-3 years at an estimated fee of INR 1,56,000.

Two-year PG Diploma from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS).

RGUHS, Bangalore offers a 2 year Diploma in Dentistry. The candidate is eligible if he/she holds a BDS degree or equivalent from a DCI-recognized university.

The course is divided into 4 semesters, with the first two semesters dealing with pre-clinical work and applied basic sciences and the next two semesters with clinical work.

Candidates looking for experience and a degree can choose this course.

Dental courses

One can also opt for various dental clinical courses in Delhi. These courses have several specialties such as oral surgery, dental implants, periodontology and prosthodontics. These courses can help you achieve a specialization, which is a major trend in the medical industry.

More courses

There are many possible uses in the dental departments of hospitals, dental clinics and nursing homes. In addition, the forensic department needs dentists to identify the deceased through bite mark analysis, tooth remains, etc.

You can also choose to work as a dental hygienist or as a dental assistant for models and film artists.

Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to get discouraged after studying BDS. You can choose your study mode from the options above. And as you pursue a graduate degree, you can research more opportunities in this field and evaluate your options.

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