7 Deadly Myths About Public Schools That Are Not True

Myths will one day grip every sector and the school system is no exception. With the rise of technology, new forms of education are emerging that are being proclaimed as valid alternatives to public schools. With the availability of choices, fake facts about the dominant system begin to circulate, and people tend to believe such fake facts as an excuse to try a new venture. To keep you off that territory and to help you spot fake news from 10 feet away, here is a list of 7 deadly myths currently corrupting the school idea. Let’s blast them for you and clear any remaining doubts.
Myth 1: The quality of education in public schools is declining
If you consider every school in every lane, every statistic will debunk this myth. But if you look at any top 10 schools in Sonipat or anywhere else, the quality of education here is nothing short of top notch. These institutions recruit the best faculty, have world-class facilities, and do everything they can to make education their primary goal. Combine this with proper affiliation with a government agency and you will have an idea of ​​the quality of knowledge each student will receive there.
Myth 2: Students cannot thrive in a classroom setting
You will hear this myth from people who preach individual education. Classroom teaching has been widespread since times unknown, and most of the successful people in the world come from this exact environment. Studying with peers creates healthy competition that can motivate a student to reach their potential. Also, sharing knowledge increases the overall value of education that cannot take place outside the walls of a classroom.
Myth 3: One-on-one mentoring of students is lost
Nowhere else in one of the best schools in Sonipat. These institutions have changed over time and cater to the individual needs of each student. The current faculty group includes an advisor along with the educators whose sole responsibility is to monitor each student and inquire about their requirements. Even teachers make time to give one-to-one sessions when needed, and that bell-ending era of teaching is really, really over.
Myth 4: Public schools inhibit creativity
Another myth that is completely unfounded. Almost all schools have added extracurricular events to their academic calendar and provide students with a variety of opportunities to find their own interest. The choice is never limited to 4-5 areas and modern schools have the opportunity to offer all. Music is not limited to an instrument or sport to a game. The best schools give their students complete freedom to choose from a variety of activities and actually give them time in everyday life to use their creativity.
Myth 5: The safety of a public school is in question
Whether internal or external, schools are now taking extensive measures to provide close-knit security for their students. You will always find security guards patrolling school borders and teachers on guard to ensure that no malicious activity is taking place on campus. Institutions now have strict rules against bullying, carrying obnoxious objects or other harassment that used to find its way into schools. That era is over and schools are now extra cautious.
Myth 6: Schools continue to cling to age-old teaching practices
On the contrary, if you take the time to browse the list of Sonipat schools, you will find that more and more institutions are adopting modern teaching methods. Some have turned their classrooms into smart ones, while others are dealing with it step by step. Teachers use videos to work on a topic, libraries provide access to the Internet. There are eBook subscriptions, guest speaker events and numerous workshops to promote education as a whole. It’s been a while since schools moved away from the typical classroom approach.
Myth 7: Grades remain the only evaluation factor
And people easily fall for this myth since test scores still determine a student’s academic success. But the top schools are beginning to recognize the flaw in this belief and motivate students to identify and excel in their own areas. This is the real reason campuses are getting bigger to accommodate more facilities and options. Students have hands-on experience in almost every subject they study and there is a concept of choosing optional subjects. You may even find foreign language teachers and other such fields that really help a student explore different avenues. A decent passing grade is recommended as long as he/she excels elsewhere.
Make an informed judgement
And opt for reputable schools like Swanprastha. This institute breaks all the prevailing myths by prioritizing the quality of education and offering its students all the facilities that allow them to progress. Whether it’s individual attention or encouraging creativity, this school does it all. So bust the myths you hear so often, choose only the best, and let students thrive.

Thanks to Saurabh Gupta

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